Crate Crash 2 and More


It’s been a pretty long time since I last updated. I’ve been up to a few things lately. One of the biggest things I want to address is the development of Crate Crash 2. A few of you know of the first Crate Crash game, but for those of you who don’t, you can play it here: Crate Crash at The first Crate Crash game is all about clicking the game screen to apply impulses or little explosions that launch the crates. The goal of the game was to get the crates off of the screen, and this goal is still pertinent in the second game, BUT there are more crazy levels, obstacles, and challenges to get through.

The biggest issue that I noticed that people were having was that the game was way too damn hard. Now that I go back and play it again, I think it’s too hard. What I’m going to do with CC2 is create different difficulties. By default users will be playing on casual mode which will allow you to just play the game with no limits of restrictions (that means no medals on the levels, and no click limit). I’ve found having a sandbox-type mode allows the user to have a more enjoyable experience, I know that for a fact because sometimes in developing the game I get distracted just messing with the physics.

Another change from the original is that there will be less levels. It isn’t completely final how many levels there will be, but right now I have a 45 level cap. It could increase, but I don’t think it will.

The biggest feature of Crate Crash 2 will be the level editor. Users these days like to create their own content, and with the level editor that I’ve made, creating your own content should be VERY easy. I’ve had a few ideas of how I wanted to share these levels and I have few ideas going on in my head.

In other news, I am developing my own arcade script, Custom Arcade Script (Pretty cool name, right?). After being in the arcade scene for nearly 2 years now, and having mild success, and looking at how the arcade business is being handled, I’m not 100% satisfied with the way that arcade scripts work today. I’ve tried a few arcade scripts, and none of them are particularly great. They all their ups and downs, but none of them are a one-stop solution. Custom Arcade Script looks to provide just that. CAS will encompass some of the newest and most reliable arcade-related code available. With its streamlined interface, and easy to use admin panel, I have no doubt that Custom Arcade Script will be a huge contender in the arcade script market when it’s released!


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