Senior Production: Changing Back to the Old System


After much deliberation this week, Dan and I have come to the conclusion that it is not worth continuing work on the authoritative server. We originally wanted to use the Authoritative server as a method for control, anti-cheating, and data capture features. We also believed that it would send significantly less data than the old system that I had programmed last semester. However, while implementing the bullets across the network, we realized that with all the work and time spent:

  • We have not made it very far in 3 weeks
  • Many features still need to be implemented
  • We are using basically the same data as previous

The last point was discovered after a quick check between normal gameplay in the existing system. Once we realized this, we sat down and began to list the pros and cons of each existing system. Ultimately, the fact that we understand the older codebase, and that it worked were the main factors is us scrapping our last 3 weeks of work. I do not regret it and I’m glad that we switched back. I do enjoy the fun of prototyping and working new methods, but given the time frame it doesn’t make sense to continue with the authoritative server.

Moving on with the new system, I began to implement a true lobby system that lets you choose and change your team, and set your ready status. The game host will then be able to start. Dan began reworking the shooting system with some new firing modes, like a continuous stream, burst fire, and a goo stream. I also began setting the framework for the planned game modes, such as capture the flag, and king of the hill.

For next week, I would like to begin implementing more ¬†feedback into the game mechanisms so that the players feel more immersed and don’t have to guess whether or not their bullets are hurting the enemy.


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