Senior Production: A Lobby Full of Problems

Hi everyone,

I started reworking the lobby system for VacuuLab. This sounds like a simple task, but as it turns out it’s really not. I wanted to create a lobby system that has a similar menu flow as many other games, where from the menu you can choose to Join a game, or Host a game. By choosing the options it would take you to a scene with more specific options.

Halo Matchmaking Lobby
Halo Matchmaking Lobby

From the Join game scene you would be presented with all the current games, and be able to change game types that you want to play in, and in the Host game scene you would configure the game you want to play and create it.

Simple? Nope.

I can create the game just fine with all the different options I want, but the problem I am facing now is that when I go to list all the games available on the server, nothing shows up. I’m not sure if it’s because I am doing this all across different scenes, or because a configuration option may be messed up, but it’s not working.

I have decided to put the new lobby on the back burner because our current primitive game lobby works, and while it would be cool to get this new lobby in the game, if I have to spend another 8 hours debugging it, then it might not be worth it for now.

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