Senior Capstone: The Mechanics 2


Last week went well in terms of development for the game. I was very swamped with work and was not able to do as much as I wanted to do on the game. What I did last week was implement teams and fixed a bullet collision and aiming issue. I also started the implementation of goo depositing and team points.


What I want to do for the game before we seriously try and challenge stage 3:

  • Revamp the camera and movement so that it feels more natural and smooth
  • Get a goo shader or effect for the goo characters
  • Finish implementation of the team aspect and goo depositing.
  • Iterate the vacuuming to make it extremely interactive and much more involving. I want it to feel like a real struggle!
  • Add sounds and music to the game
  • “Goo Sloshing”


This week should be interesting if I can get enough time to really work through some of these features.

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