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Team Aurora Games, A Post Mortem

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I’m sure this is something that you’ve been wanting to read about. It’s hard to begin with something like this, honestly. I guess I’ll start by saying that I’m no longer with Team Aurora, and haven’t been since May¬†2014. It’s crazy to think that 9 of us, for the majority of Team Aurora’s most active […]

wxWidgets for a Blob Game Editor

A blob game is something like Loco Roco or Gish where there are characters and objects in the game that can compress and squeeze and roll around. Using the physics system I have been working on this semester I wanted to replicate that and create a game with the following in mind: Must contain a […]

Things to know about LibGDX

Hey everyone, I just started porting over Crate Crash to libgdx to get it working on Android and through this process I’ve learned a few things. The coordinate system in LibGDX is in the bottom left, instead of the top left. This means that most things will be flipped if you port them over for […]

Senior Production: Game Over Feedback

Believe it or not, we never implemented an in-game way of showing which team won when the game is over. This has created some confusion at the QA labs because when the game finishes, nothing happens. You can imagine that people get confused when it appears there are no more enemies left, but they can […]